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Hey there, mama!


I’m Allyson, wife of a bearded man, and stay at home mom of two crazy boys.


When I became a mom, I quickly found myself overwhelmed by everything I had to do, while also feeling guilty that I wasn’t spending consistent time in the Word.


The Holy Spirit used those first few months for my sanctification and showed me that I need to keep my eyes on Him always.


Rapt Motherhood started as a place to join with other mamas on this journey toward seeking Christ first and growing in the knowledge of His Word. This is a place to be encouraged and equipped as you give Christ your rapt attention, so you can know and be captivated by His glory. 


If you don’t quite understand what it means to look to Jesus, giving Him your rapt attention in all things, I suggest that you start reading here.


Otherwise, here are some other popular posts that I pray encourage you to keep your eyes on Christ.

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If you want to learn a bit more about me and my family, I’ve had the privilege of speaking on the Collective Perspective podcast about the topic of adoption.  Click if you want to hear more of our family’s story, how adoption relates to the gospel, and how you can support adoptive families.


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