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Steps to developing a quiet time habit the heart of private worship

3 Steps to Developing a Quiet Time Habit: The Heart of Private Worship

If you search for a daily Bible reading program, you will most likely come across the Christianese term “quiet time.”  I couldn’t find where the phrase originated, but, according to Wikipedia, it was sometime in the late 19th century.  I believe a better phrase is private worship (as opposed to corporate worship within the church). …

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New Year's Resolutions Seeking the Glory of God in the Spiritual Disciplines

New Year’s Resolutions: Seeking the Glory of God in the Spiritual Disciplines

Happy New Year! Did you set New Year’s Resolutions for yourself? Lose weight, read more, organize your home? I enjoy thinking about goals and dreams.  I dream of a clean, perfectly organized home, and picture myself twenty pounds lighter, always making healthy food choices. So, I consider how I will achieve these goals.  The majority …

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