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Rapt Motherhood Infertility Story

My Infertility Story

My struggles with infertility start with a miscarriage.  If you haven’t read about that experience, just click here. Our early pregnancy loss devastated me.  If God gave me the desire to be a mother, why did I experience this miscarriage?  Looking back, I believe that, deep in my heart, I felt I was entitled to a …

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I'm thankful that God used my early miscarriage story to draw me to Him and lead me on a journey to motherhood that I never expected #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagestory #raptmotherhood

My Early Miscarriage Story and Journey to Motherhood

Miscarriages are a devastating reality in this fallen world, yet, until very recently, it seemed that most people kept their experience a secret.  The time period during my miscarriage and subsequent struggles with infertility felt lonely and never-ending.  Although deeply personal, I feel my early miscarriage story is important to share, so, hopefully, one person …

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