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Looking to Jesus in Trials

In the midst of trials, it is easy to focus on the pain and lose sight of eternity.  I pray these posts encourage you to look to Christ, find reasons to rejoice, and have hope in a glorious future.

I'm thankful that God used my early miscarriage story to draw me to Him and lead me on a journey to motherhood that I never expected #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagestory #raptmotherhood

My Early Miscarriage Story and Journey to Motherhood

Miscarriages are a devastating reality in this fallen world, yet, until very recently, it seemed that most people kept their experience a secret.  The time period during my miscarriage and subsequent struggles with infertility felt lonely and never-ending.  Although deeply personal, I feel my early miscarriage story is important to share, so, hopefully, one person …

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