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Mourning Sin: The Importance of Godly Sorrow - So often we presume upon grace and don't lament doing things that grieve God's heart #sorrow #devotion #biblestudy #raptmotherhood

Mourning Sin: The Importance of Godly Sorrow

“You came across really rude.” My husband called out a sin in my life and I immediately felt the walls rising around my heart.  After hearing my rude and sarcastic response to a friend’s genuine question, my husband graciously encouraged me to consider my answer. I immediately denied any wrongdoing.  After realizing that maybe my …

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Steps to developing a quiet time habit the heart of private worship

3 Steps to Developing a Quiet Time Habit: The Heart of Private Worship

If you search for a daily Bible reading program, you will most likely come across the Christianese term “quiet time.”  I couldn’t find where the phrase originated, but, according to Wikipedia, it was sometime in the late 19th century.  I believe a better phrase is private worship (as opposed to corporate worship within the church). …

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